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The nation of the Akrim, possessing superior resources and technological prowess, were quick to weaponize this newly discovered material, and through questionable experimentation, created the first successful instance of teleportation technology. Arming their massive armies with this newly attained weapon, the Akrim descended upon the rest of the continent with frightening speed and force. With this massive threat looming, the other factions of Oyena have no choice but to tap into the mysterious energies of the meteorites themselves, in the hopes of fighting back.

Little do they all know, shadowy beings have started rising in the south, looking to join in on the war of dominance in this new age.

World Lore

The world of Fatal Flash takes place in a steampunk universe, on the fictional continent of Oyena. The inhabitants were enjoying a fragile, but nonetheless peaceful era, until a catastrophic meteor shower, dubbed as "The Starless Nights",  rained ruin upon the continent, and left the world in complete darkness for an entire month. After light finally returned to Oyena, the meteorites were harvested and discovered to possess extraordinary properties , the most prominent of which was it's ability to be broken down at the atomic level, then automatically be reassembled in almost an instant.




On the continent of Oyena, all the various factions and races live in relative harmony. However, this peace has been uneasy. The largest nation, the Akirm, have been suffering from increasing population overload and diminishing resources; It is no secret they’ve had their sights on foreign territory for some time. The only thing reason they haven't acted is due to an common alliance between the remainder of the nations, known as the Union Against Belligerent Actions (UABA), swearing that they would all join together to repel the Akrim, should they ever invade.

This stalemate progressed until one seemingly random day, Acatastrophic meteor shower rained destruction upon the continent, killing thousands and causing the world to sink into darkness for almost a month, an event now known as "The Starless Nights". When light finally returned to Oyena, it was discovered that the meteorites have somehow changed into, or perhaps spawned forth copious amounts of an mysterious, sky-blue element.

Preliminary experimentation revealed the elements individual components had an immensely strong magnet like relationship. They can be separated into countless fragments with minimal force, like cutting paper with scissors, but also be re-combined with surprising speed and power. The Akrim, who treated the arrival of the element as divine intervention, managed to weaponize the element through morally questionable experimentation; the result was a technology that granted it's nations soliders to travel great distances in the blink of an eye through de- and re-materialization. Without a moment wasted, the Akrim began their full scale invasion, descending upon and systematically eliminating many factions before they were able to muster a meaningful resistance. Pushed into a corner, the UABA had no choice but to rely on the new element themselves, researching and developing their own methods to utilize it's recombinatory qualities

It is during this same time frame that mysterious shadow beings began appearing from the south. Rumors claim that these are the fallen citizens of the once great nation of Cairn, a civilization that was erased from history overnight, persumably by their foolish worship of the Shadow Lords. Whatever they are, legions of these shadow beings have moved out in force, destroying everything in their path, seemingly without a goal.

These three major forces have now engaged in an war of epic proportions, thus leading to the present situation, which serves as the main backstory in Fatal Flash.