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In game, Swordsman by default is a close quarters brawler character that relies on quick successive strikes, timed dodges, and invulnerability to whittle down his opponents.


When the initial confusion and fear of the Starless Nights had subsided, Big Arms occupying the southern border lands were the first among the Akrim to uncover the presence of Azurium. Enchanted by the prospects of newfound power and eager to prove their potential under the watchful eyes of Central, they initiated a chaotic period of brutal and often disastrous experiments that would cost thousands of lives. The culmination of their research was the teleportation blade, a sword that can not only rend through bodies at incredible speeds, but can also transport the wielder around the battlefield, eliminating any need for a cumbersome teleportation device. Coming from a long tradition as a skirmish-loving people with a predilection for close range combat, the Swordsmen of the southern Akrim make up the deadly first wave of their grand invasion. 





Slash | Basic Attack (LMB CLICK)

Unleash a powerful attack with your dual blades. Hold down W or S and click to perform an upward or downward slash instead.

Cooldown 1 Seconds | Skill Type: Self Cast

 Teleport | Movement Ability (RMB CLICK)

Teleport to the target location after a brief delay. Up to 2 maximum charges can be stored. 

Cooldown 5 Seconds | Skill Type: Target Position

Dash | Damage Ability (SHIFT CLICK)

The Swordsman immediately dashes forward, damaging all enemies in his path and remaining invincible for the duration. 

               Cooldown 8 Seconds | Skill Type: Self Cast

Block | Defense Ability (Q CLICK)

Negate any one instance of damage, and inflict a 0.5 second stun on your attacker if successful. Release to cancel earlier.

Cooldown 4 Seconds | Skill Type: Block

Omnislash | Ultimate Ability (R CLICK)

Performs 5 Dashes in quick succession, remaining invincible for the duration and dealing medium damage with each strike.

Cooldown Varies | Skill Type: Target Position


The Akrim are generally acknowledged to be the first among the inhabitants of Oyena to harness the rogue energies in the atmosphere. Through their inborn talent for ingenuity and invention they have gradually transformed themselves into the large-framed, steel-skinned nation they are today.

Technology is their politics, art and religion. It is the muse that inspires their understanding of life, the God that gives them salvation, and the power that determines who rises and who falls in society. However, while the nation is constantly engulfed by a frenzy of engineering activity, technological knowledge is rarely openly shared, being instead passed along through shaky friendships or extorted by ‘scrappers’, to be then traded on the black markets.

Akrim society is best described as neither egalitarian nor aristocratic. It is rather a splintered, feudalistic structure made up of many fragments, each headed by a ‘Big Arm’ who has earned this title through his superior technological genius and mechanized power. He maintains a precarious command over a clan of less able minions, to whom in exchange for their service he pays a cautious wage of technological upgrades. Hostile clashes, both between and within clans, are not uncommon.