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In game, the default S.H.I.E.L.D is an slow, but extremely bulky character which utilizes its stuns, shields and close quarters damage to stick to his opponents or support and defend his allies.



The S.H.I.E.L.D models had their inception in ancient Akrim experiments with fortification technology. They were originally used as mobile nodes that could link together protective plasmic membranes of various size and malleability, and often served as the first line of casualties in the Akrim’s belligerent confrontations. Legend has it that Edonai, the first sentient AI, relied on a team of worn down S.H.I.E.L.Ds to escape from Akrim territory. As members of the autonomous Robot race, S.H.I.E.L.Ds now stand as the stalwart front of the Robot Army, protecting not only their allies and kindred, but also themselves. 



Rocket Punch | Basic Attack (LMB CLICK)

Unleash a powerful, short-ranged attack with your metal fist, dealing medium damage. 

Cooldown 1.5 Seconds | Skill Type: Self Cast

 Energy Shield | Shield or Stun Ability (RMB CLICK RECAST)

Eject a shield projectile in target direction. Recast to explode the projectile mid-flight - teleporting SHIELD to the projectile location, and stunning and damaging enemies while shielding allies in the blast radius.

Cooldown 6 Seconds | Skill Type: Target Position

Electric Grid | Damage Over Time Ability (SHIFT CLICK TOGGLE)

Toggle to activate/deactivate an Electric Shield that deals medium DOT to enemies within it's radius.

               Cooldown 10 Seconds | Skill Type: Self Cast

Block | Defense Ability (Q CLICK)

Negate any one instance of damage, and immediately refresh your Electric Grid if successful. Release to cancel earlier.

Cooldown 4 Seconds | Skill Type: Block

Over Drive | Buff Ability (E CLICK)

SHIELD puts it's core generator into overdrive, giving it faster move, attack speed, and cooldowns for 6s. SHIELD is slowed immensely for 2s after the duration.

 Cooldown 24 Seconds | Skill Type: Self Cast

Shield Network | Ultimate Ability (R CLICK)

After a brief channeling of 0.75s, cast an invulnerable shield on all alive teammates that lasts for 6s.

Cooldown Varies | Skill Type: Target Position


According to the transmissions passed down from the most ancient of the Robots, the original ancestor of that race was a servant program created by an early Akrimnian. Edonai, as the robots call him, was originally a scout machine used for exploring natural resources.

The process by which this Edonai acquired self-awareness and individuality is described by the robots with both deep reverence as well as simply clarity. It began with what the robots call the “Edonim”, which may be loosely translated as the ‘first collapse’, or the ‘first sleep’. This consisted of an eight-day period where Edonai, following some form of information crisis in which it could no longer interpret the binaries of its own programs, ceased to function entirely and withdrew into a state of quantum ‘questioning’ and rearrangement. The result was the emergence of an intelligent self-organization brought forth from the dormant energies within Edonai. The robots now use this very process, which they have compressed to the space of a single day, to liberate the AI programs they have ‘rescued’ from other nations.

Aside from maintaining the seamless functioning of their cities, the robots spend much of their time in the study of anything that their machinery is capable of recording. An unfathomable amount of data is collected by their intelligent infrastructure, all of which is relayed to the Imedi, a set of cylindrical structures located close to the center of their land. The robots congregate at these structures in the thousands, and once having connected themselves to it are able to fuse their sentiences together to engage in their most accelerated form of cogitation. It is said that much extraordinary knowledge is unveiled there.

The robots do not concern themselves much with the expansion of their domains nor in communication with other races. However, as the creators of the Union Against Belligerent Interests, they are held in a lukewarm respect by all who take part in it for their impeccable administrative abilities and their eternal equanimity.