The Archetypes

In Fatal Flash, there are neither named heroes, nor are there legends. Instead, each archetype is simply a template - an near empty-canvas with broadly defined strokes, waiting for the player themselves to fill in the details. From changing an archetypes appearance and even name, to replacing their abilities and in extreme cases entirely change its playstyle, players will have full reign over the creation of their own unique hero,  with whom they can go on to create their very own legends.



Wraith Form

Likes to be Invisibile

Elongated Reach

Generally a Badass






Teleport Ability

Versatile Quiver

Extensive Range

Doesn't Mess Around





Acutely Sturdy

Protector of Friends

Stunner of Adversaries

Adorable Machine





Teleport Ability

Jumps Twice

Dashes Swiftly

He'll Kill You