Kickstarter demo

click here to download the game. 

We have been hard at work polishing out bugs and adding in art assets for the big release. The game now also features slow-motion upon kills and deaths, which was a big development hurdle. Let us know what you think and please share the game on social media and with your friends! 

For more information about the Kickstarter, check out the Kickstarter tab on the website. 

REcolor Build 0.1.3

Click here to find the downloads.

Here are some of the changes we've made:

  • We finalized the Nightmare and have been polishing and balancing all the archetypes since then.
  • Loadouts are more complete and representative of what might be in the full game.
  • We recolored the game and the artists are still working to get the look just right.
  • We've updated a lot of the UI and it's much easier to tell what's going on in and out of game.
  • Peer to peer connection and the lobby's have been polished quite a bit.

What we're still working on:

  • Slow-motion upon death.
  • Game modes
  • Finalizing art for the Kickstarter Demo
  • Preparing the Kickstarter campaign.

Build 0.1.2

For Windows, click here.

For Mac, click here

This update includes:

1) Custom Controls Options which can now be found in options/controls

2) You can now join in-progress games of Elimination mode.

3) Newly finalized artwork and UI .

4) Rewording/Lore added to much of the in-game text.

5) New cards for the Nightmare Archetype in the Loadout tab. 

Build 0.1.1 - The Nightmare Update

For Windows, click here

For Mac, click here

*Say hello to the new archetype: the Nightmare. The Nightmare is a heavy, tanky character capable of launching himself into combat with his left click, and following up with a wall-off ability or wraith form (like the Assassin's ability). His ultimate locks enemies into place, allowing his team greater crowd control and acting as a brute force to hold off and knock back enemy players. As his left-click is both an attack and a movement ability, he's also extremely mobile. Beware! 

*Note: This build already includes the first 5 archetypes. The newest version is 0.1.2. 

Install instructions

1. You'll want to choose between a PC or Mac build depending on your OS. Click on the corresponding link, and it should prompt your browser to begin downloading. 
2. For PC, extract the zip file, and open .exe to start up the game. For Mac, simply use the .app file.

3. The game will open, and after a logo screen, should load the Main menu. You can enter a Profile name in the bar at the top which reads "Unnamed Player" as a default. You should set the resolution to your liking in the Options menu (we recommend at least 1280 * 800p or higher). When you're ready to play, you can either hit Host game or Join game. Host will let you host a server which other players can enter, Join will let you pick from the server list and play any game which is in a Lobby and not yet filled with players. Note: If anyone is having trouble connecting, try double checking everyone's firewall connections to make sure it's either off, or allows the game access.

4. You can customize your controls in the Options menu. We are working on controller support as well. 

5. Once in a lobby, as a Host you will want to set the mode to Elimination Mode and the map to Elimination Map. This is the only mode we will be testing currently. Wait until the game is satisfactorily filled with players. You can switch teams with the tiny <> button. Everyone will need to be Ready before the Host can start the game. 

6. Once you start the game you will find yourself at the Hero selection. You will pick a hero by clicking on their icon at the top. The Loadout screen can be accessed through the tab at the bottom right of Hero selection. Select New Loadout to create a loadout. 3 blank grey spaces should appear. You can click the space to view all the Hero's cards. Select one for each grey space, then select the loadout you've created. Now you can press Play and wait for the match to begin. 

7. Official Playtests will always be named "Official Playtest ___" with the current date in the blank. We normally play-test Thursdays from 5 to 7PM EST. Please check our twitter @Fatal_Flash for the latest updates!

Good luck, and should you have any issues, please feel free to email us at, or send an inquiry below using the 'Contact Us' button.