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In game, the Assassin defaults to a sneaky, disruptive play-style that relies on invisibility, blinds, and heavy burst damage to catch opponents off-guard before slinking back into the shadows again.


Hailing from the civilization of ancient Cairn, the Assassins were originally hitmen under the command of Cairn royalty, charged with silencing dissent and weeding out those deemed too weak or inferior for the practices of Shadow worship. Molded by centuries of controlled and calculated bloodlust, the resurrected Assassins now have found free reign on the battlefield and are tapping into their ferocity to depths they themselves have not previously explored. Imbued with the mysterious energies of their Shadow Lord, they are some of the most fearsome and unpredictable killers to be found in the ranks of Cairn.  





 Elongated Arm | Basic Attack (LMB CLICK)

Unleash a slow, but long ranged strike with your claws, dealing heavy damage on impact. 

Cooldown 2 Seconds | Skill Type: Self Cast   

 Wraith Form | Movement Ability (RMB HOLD)

The Assassin melds into shadow, gaining the ability to fly without terrain restriction and become invulnerable for the 3 second duration.

Cooldown 2 Seconds | Skill Type: Self Cast

Shadow Mark | Effect Ability (SHIFT CLICK)

Fires a slow projectile that attaches to the first enemy it hits, Blinding and dealing low DOT damage to the enemy for 5s. Recast to consume the mark, and teleport behind your victim, slowing them for 2s.",

               Cooldown 8 Seconds | Skill Type: Target Ability

Block | Defense Ability (Q CLICK)

Negate any one instance of damage, and reset your invisibility skill if successful. Release to cancel earlier.

Cooldown 4 Seconds | Skill Type: Block

Invisible | Alteration Ability (E CLICK)                         

After short channel, Assassin become mostly invisible and un-targetable for 5s. Upon leaving invisibility, Assassin

gain's a 200% damage buff for the it's next basic attack.

 Cooldown 14 Seconds | Skill Type: Self Cast

Mark of the Damned | Ultimate Ability (R CLICK)

After a 0.75s channeling, instantly cast shadow mark on all alive enemies.

Cooldown Varies | Skill Type: Self Cast


Generations ago, the United Kingdoms of Cairn represented the pinnacle of civilization, possessing an unlimited abundance of wealth, the strongest military, and the brightest of minds. Their extensive abilities in techno-sorcery were held in awe and fear by the inhabitants of Oyena, and few were the nations who did not pay tributary service in some form to the empire of Cairn.

The scripture preserved among the upper echelons of the Cairn political and religious ministry tells that the true divinity of the universe is Esh, a mystical being originating with the dawn of existence itself. Myth has it that at the beginning of time, Light and Darkness, trapped within the clutches of the Primordial Monad, tore themselves from their confinement in their yearning for life and space. In its dying breaths, the enraged Primordial Monad unleashed a spirit, Esh, or what may be translated as Shadow, that would forever haunt Light and Darkness and keep them eternally joined at the hip, never to truly roam free. It is this Esh that the Cairn believe to be the true divine essence of the cosmos and around whom their religion is built.

It is said in Cairn mysticism that followers of Esh can be found in all 27 dimensions of the knowable cosmos, each creating 27 etheric fields of shadow worship. After irregular but predictable intervals of time called Shadow Cycles, spanning anywhere from decades to millennia, there comes a moment when in the gyrating of the dimensions these etheric fields reach a sudden alignment, creating what is known as a ‘dark covering’. It is then that Esh, from his realm of the Absolute, sends forth avataristic beings called Shadow Lords, who come hurtling through the covering to their assigned dimension. For the remainder of the Shadow Cycle, they will instruct and foster the mortal beings who remain faithful to Esh and steadfast in the way of the Shadow.

At the height of their religious culture, it seemed that the Cairn more than anyone else held the keys to life, magnificence, and power, their kingdoms swept in a state of collective intoxication from the gifts bequeathed by pleased higher powers. However, after some unknown epidemic of catastrophic proportions, the entire country was vanquished almost overnight - their civilization and history engulfed in ruin and flames. To this day, no one knows for certain what exactly happened. Though the majority assumes it was the Kingdoms’ fanatical worshipping of The Shadow Lord Ereyx that ultimately brought upon their destruction, there are those who theorize the involvement of another unknown force.

Generations have passed, and the once proud countries of Cairn have all but been forgotten. The grounds upon which they lived and prospered have been left to seethe in their haunted emptiness through the ages, shunned with fear by all races after a group of foolhardy Akrimnians, attempting to scavenge those lands for valuable materials, were found incapacitated at the border with black holes opening up within their cells. Yet now, with the discovery of the mysterious element Azurium, and the subsequent weaponization of teleportation, the citizens of Cairn have risen from the ashes of their ruined cities in force.

Possessing frames more mechanical than human, and armed with the power of shadow granted by their God, the soldiers of Cairn have begun sweeping through the Continent, instilling fear and death to all in their path.