As extremely long ranged sharpshooters, Astralmancers utilize their map-spanning abilities to strike down opponents before they can get close.


The Astralmancer is an adept in the mystical arts practiced by the nomadic and star-loving Suhersi, an originally Akrimnian peoples who split off from their native race as outcasts many ages ago. 










 Oreflare | Basic Attack (LMB CLICK)

Send a delayed beam attack towards target position and direction, dealing high damage. You have 3 charges which must cooldown after use. 

Cooldown 3 Seconds | Skill Type: Target Position   

 Star Satori | Vision Ability  (RMB HOLD)

Doubles vision radius and allows vision into all structures for 4 seconds.

Cooldown 10 Seconds | Skill Type: Self Cast

Vortex WellCrowd Control Ability (SHIFT CLICK)

Creates an explosion at target position, dealing medium damage and spawning a gravity field that applies a slow to any opponent in range for up to 4 seconds.

               Cooldown 10 Seconds | Skill Type: Target Ability

Block | Defense Ability (Q CLICK)

Negate any one instance of damage, and reset your invisibility skill if successful. Release to cancel earlier.

Cooldown 4 Seconds | Skill Type: Block

Astral Flight Movement Ability (Double Tap & Hold Space)                         

 Fly for up to 5 seconds at a time. 

Skill Type: Passive

Eye of the Storm | Ultimate Ability (R CLICK)

Enter extreme focus and gain infinite Oreflares as well as dramatically improved Star Satori vision for 8 seconds

Cooldown  10 seconds | Skill Type: Self Cast


Among the pitiless Akrim, those without the adequate technological savvy or the mettle to carve their way were cast down to the lowest rungs of society to lead a wretched and brutish existence. Over time, these despised and humiliated ‘scrags’ were pushed further and further into the fringes until they ceased entirely to be a part of the Akrimnian nation. They now live as nomads throughout the destitute Backwarps, migrating seasonally in their airborne cities as powerful quakes writhe on the scourged ground below. With the help of an array of
domesticated native beasts, they scavenge for the mineral glyphs that provide them the star- energy they use to fuel their machinery.

The favorite pursuit of these scrags, or Suhersi as they call themselves, is a peculiar form of astronomy that has developed out of their centuries-long adaptation and subservience to the astralized geology of the Backwarps. The scrags are experts at identifying and extracting various grades of stellar forces trapped within their lands, believed to be a massive crash site of a mysterious and potent star that merged into the continent many eons ago. Once unleashed, the scrags channel these forces into their cities and equipment to achieve various magnetic and gravitational manipulations.

Religious fervor is no less widespread among the scrags, the boundary between the scientific and spiritual aspects of their astronomy being non-existent. Their massive body of star-lore and extensive star-rituals contain many secrets through which they have become capable of directly absorbing energy from star residuum, a feat often performed during religious festivals. Their most adept practitioners can access enhanced physical and mental states of being by keeping glyph medallions on their body alone.

As members of the Union Against Belligerent Interests, the scrags have lived as a pacifist peoples for much of their history. However, resentment against the Akrim, along with the reputation as rejects the A have imposed on them, has persisted through the scrag generations and is kept burning by the nationalist propaganda that is ingrained in their cultural heritage. With the increasingly unstable and threatening presence of the Akrim, and fomenting tensions within the Union, the scrags have steadily prepared themselves for conflict ahead, eager for the opportunity to vindicate their race at last and show how powerful they really are.


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