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In game, the default Archer is a Medium-Ranged all-rounder character, capable of firing specialized arrows with slows, AOE or just pure damage to adapt to any situation.


At first bewildered by the complexities of Azurium, many Big Arms specializing in Long Range Technology began their preliminary experiments on the most basic of weapons, the bow and arrow. Their first breakthroughs came with warp technology, by which they could teleport arrows directly into bow quivers, thus eliminating the danger of depleting ammunition, while also enabling the ‘open arsenal’ whereby archers can materialize various types of arrow artillery in any place at any time. Further, by imbuing Azuric properties into the arrows themselves, researchers were able to dramatically enhance the projectile velocity and lethality of the average arrow, whilst reducing the energy requirement on the part of the archer. These technologies were quickly mass produced and passed amongst the Akrim, resulting in the legions of Archers marching as the bulk of the Central Army’s ranged forces. 





Shoot ArrowBasic Attack (LMB HOLD)

Charge up your bow for 0.5 seconds, then release to fire an arrow towards the target mouse position. Movement speed is decreased by 50% when aiming. 

Cooldown 0.5 Seconds | Skill Type: Target Position

 Teleport | Movement Ability (RMB HOLD)

After a brief delay, the Archer teleports to the target mouse location. The Archer can maintain his arrow charge through a teleport. 

Cooldown 5 Seconds | Skill Type: Target Position

Ghost Arrow | Projectile Ability (SHIFT CLICK)

Toggle to replace your next basic attack with a ghost arrow that goes through enemies and terrain, dealing 50 damage and applying a slow for 3 seconds on hit.

               Cooldown 8 Seconds | Skill Type: Self Cast

Block | Defense Ability (Q CLICK)

Negate any one instance of damage, and refresh your teleport skill if successful. Release to cancel earlier.

Cooldown 4 Seconds | Skill Type: Block

Scatter Arrow | Projectile Ability (E CLICK)

                         Toggle to replace your next basic attack with a scatter arrow that deals heavy damage on hit, or splits into 5 bouncing arrows that do 50 damage each if it collides with terrain.

 Cooldown 8 Seconds | Skill Type: Self Cast

Infinite Barrage | Ultimate Ability (R CLICK)

After a 0.75s channeling, Archer rapidly fires specially prepared ultimate arrows, dealing massive damage over a 5 second duration.

Cooldown Varies | Skill Type: Target Position


The Akrim are generally acknowledged to be the first among the inhabitants of Oyenato harness the rogue energies in the atmosphere. Through their inborn talent for ingenuity and invention they have gradually transformed themselves into the large-framed, steel-skinned nation they are today.

Technology is their politics, art and religion. It is the muse that inspires their understanding of life, the God that gives them salvation, and the power that determines who rises and who falls in society. However, while the nation is constantly engulfed by a frenzy of engineering activity, technological knowledge is rarely openly shared, being instead passed along through shaky friendships or extorted by ‘scrappers’, to be then traded on the black markets.

Akrim society is best described as neither egalitarian nor aristocratic. It is rather a splintered, feudalistic structure made up of many fragments, each headed by a ‘Big Arm’ who has earned this title through his superior technological genius and mechanized power. He maintains a precarious command over a clan of less able minions, to whom in exchange for their service he pays a cautious wage of technological upgrades. Hostile clashes, both between and within clans, are not uncommon.

Over all this an equally precarious rule is maintained by the ‘Central Arm’, an elite grouping endowed with the highest technological mastery either through talent or family inheritance. They and their personal army control the Pumps, the massive conductive towers that harvest the energies from the astral winds to power their cities.