The Game

Fatal Flash is a Free To Play, 2D multiplayer competitive arena brawler developed by Single "A" Productions . Set to release in mid-2018, it features steampunk/fantasy themed Pixel Art, a diverse cast of over 20 archetypes, an extensive character/skill customization system, and a multitude of unique, lighting-paced game modes.





Completely designed by the Player

Unique Abilities and Skills

Individual Combat Styles

Distinguished Designs




Gritty Steampunk Universe

Teleportation Technology

Warring Factions

Arcane Powers



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The Gameplay

Fatal Flash features lightning paced action in a team environment. Players choose from different archetypes with a variety of unique traits and play-styles in a battle to the death. If you enjoy stealth, try the Assassin that specializes in invisibility and blinds. If you enjoy defending your team, try out S.H.I.E.L.D, who you know, uses shields. If you prefer sniping enemies from across the map, check out the Technomancer. There are many more options to explore, and with the ability to drastically alter the abilities of your archetype, as well as switch archetypes mid-match, every player is bound to find something they feel at home with.

The Art

Fatal Flash features beautiful hand-drawn pixel art. Our team is passionate about getting art right, and spends a considerable amount of time and effort in order to design, develop, and implement our visuals with care and consideration. The style is heavily influenced by fantasy and steampunk styles, and every detail is crafted around the game's lore and technology to create a consistent feeling throughout the Fatal Flash Universe. 



Single "A" Productions is an independent game development studio based in New York, USA.

Our talented team members come from all stretches of the world, including China, USA, Brazil, Russia, and Colombia, to name a few. Each individual is wholly dedicated to creating nothing but the best products in order to bring quality and joy to our players.